Baby Favorites: Month One

Ok so I know Kameron isn’t due until August, BUT seeing this is our fourth little one, I have a pretty good idea of what we will be using the first month! Truthfully you could probably get away with some type of diaper, your boobs and a couple onsies, but who wants to do that?

My list is what we have used with our three kiddos, and what I intend to use again. I’m not going to list the obvious, like a car seat or stroller. Just the things you may or might not know you need : )

Month One Favorites
Month One Favorites

1. Fisher Price Swing: LOVE LOVE these things! All of our kids have loved swinging away in here. This was a lifesaver when Demi had her Doc Band because she was so uncomfy sleeping at night. It helped her sleep longer and seemed to soothe her more than rocking. We didn’t use the swing for any kind of sleeping with Payton and Tyson, but I know lots of people have their baby use for nap or bedtime.

2. Carseat Canopy: This may be an Arizona thing, BUT these are a lifesaver. Babies have such beautiful sensitive eyes/skin and you don’t want to bombard them with intense sun. Using a blanket is just not the same. It falls off, the sun gets through and it just sucks. You may be able to buy a generic one at the store, but I have always looked at Etsy for a “cutesy” one. There are tons of great shops out there and it’s always nice to support a small business.

3. Diaper Bag: This might seem like an obvious one, but some people never use a diaper bag! Not only is it fun to organize haha, but you’ll be using everything in it. Babies poop and pee A LOT. Sometimes they do it through their clothes :/ You’ll want diapers, wipes, extra outfits, socks, diaper rash cream, pacifiers, blanket, changing pad etc. A purse will not suffice. Diaper bags are made with all the perfect pockets to fit baby stuff. I have used a different one for each baby and the prices range from WAY too much to pretty cheap. They all worked the same.

4. Blankets: Blankets, blankets, blankets! I love comfy, soft blankets our kids still always have a “cozy” wrapped around them at home. With Payton, Billy was appalled I bought so many blankets. He quickly ate his words when he saw that we used them all. They are perfect for feedings, laying baby down for tummy time and also keeping yourself warm : ) Our blankets also double as spit cloths lol. We do a lot of laundry!

5. Swaddler: We are obsessed with the Miracle Blanket! It is like most swaddlers, but has a little pocket for babies feet and specific flaps to get their arms tightly wrapped. This is the one I will always suggest to people, but there are like 900 different brands out there. Some people tell me their baby hated being swaddled, but I seriously wonder if they tried the miracle blanket…

6. Diaper Organizer/Basket: You may need more than one of these. We are not fans of a changing table and even when we have one we never use. We tend to change diapers down on the carpet or the bed when they are newborns. You’ll want to have a basket full of changing goodies to use whenever, wherever. You’d want one on a changing table too so really this is a must for everyone. Right now we use an ikea basket that is in our TV stand, but I always start with a cute etsy one : )

7. Pacifiers: We are a pacifier family. LOVE THEM! We knew we didn’t want thumb suckers (no offense to the thumb suckers!) because it can be so hard to break. Our favorite brand is mam, which is random because we don’t use any of their other products. We keep a jar full of at least 20 pacifiers, that way we never run out. Our kids have been so different. Payton had the “pass” until she was two and we had to take away. Tyson used them maybe 9 months and could care less if he had it. Demi barely used at all and got annoyed when I constantly tried to shove it in her mouth : /

8. Boppy/BreastFriend: These are a must have for breast feeding moms! I didn’t find out about the breast friend until Demi (ahh!) and wish I had it first time around. I like it more than the boppy for breast feeding, but like the boppy for baby to lay on and use eventually at tummy time and for sitting. Basically they are both pillows that wrap around your body and help support baby as your nurse. I promise you’ll want one.

9. Lazy Boy Recliner: If I had to choose my top item from the list, this would be it! I swear, the lazy boy is the center of our home haha. I’m not kidding though. From the moment we first used one with Payton, we were hooked. I can’t even count the hours spent rocking/nursing my babes in our chairs, or the hours Billy spent napping with the kids : ) I literally have a sentimental attachment to our chairs. They are more expensive then some of the typical rockers, but so worth it. Ours have been pooped on, peed on, thrown up on, flipped over etc. and they are still in amazing condition. We have bought two so far and prefer the microfiber material for easy cleanup, but I’m positive they’ll all do great.

10. Rock and Play: Oooh I love this! So perfect for your little one to sleep in at first. It’s the perfect height for right next to your bed or couch. We have baby sleep in our room at first, but aren’t co sleepers. This allows baby to be right next to me so I can easily watch her (all night) and then pull into my arms to nurse. You can’t use it forever, but you’ll want to put baby in their crib anyway.

Ok so that’s it I think. What do you think? See anything I forgot? Would love to hear your list too. Next week I will be posting my mommy favorites for the first month!


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  1. Alison wrote:

    Love!! I just got the rock n play and was a little weary about if Id like it or not as using in place of bassinet or co sleeper… Glad to know a mom of three already likes it. So excited to see your next little one!!

    Posted 4.16.14 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      yes they are awesome! We have tried multiple things and this is the best! I have other friends who love it too : ) Your lil one will be here so soon ahh

      Posted 4.17.14 Reply

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