Demi Ryan Pierce: Birth Story

We had a baby!

Isn’t she lovely? Demi made her appearance on Monday, May 6th at 8:06 pm! We were sure she was going to be another 7pm baby, but she wanted to make us wait a few extra minutes : )

Going to the hospital!


I knew that I was being induced on Monday, but had no idea what time I would be called in. I was seriously going crazy waiting for the call and was driving my husband crazy with my emotional outbursts. Very typical of me in the last few weeks of pregnancy! They FINALLY called me around 2:30 and we made it to the hospital by 3. I was SO excited to get things started.


First they monitored baby and saw that I was having contractions about 8 minutes apart and was dilated to a 6. I didn’t feel anything yet and was anxious to get going. We started the pitocin around 3:30/4 at a very LOW rate and waited for the big contractions to begin. I still didn’t feel anything for a while, but the nurse promised me I was definitely having contractions and they were getting closer. I wasn’t feeling any pain at that point, but I knew I wanted an epidural at some point. The nurse basically said it was up to me when, but I needed to decide because I could have the baby in 10 minutes or 2 hours with how thin I was and my dilation. I waited it out awhile because I felt silly getting pain relief when I seriously felt nothing.

The hospital doctor came and broke my water at 5:30 and I FINALLY felt some strong contractions and pressure in my butt (haha!). I decided to go with the epidural because when I pushed I knew there would be crazy pain. The anestheoligist came in and gave me the epidural at 6:30 and it was painless. He kept saying not to move before he started so I was gripping my legs and telling myself DO NOT MOVE! Thankfully I didn’t, but still don’t get why he kept telling me not to move. He must have a lot of patients that scoot all over the place. Once I had the epidural I felt my left size getting very numb. Like CRAZY numb. I still felt all my contractions on the right, but nothing on the left. It was very odd, but nice to have some kind of relief. This is what happened with Payton, but I decided relief anywhere was good with me. About this time they stopped the pitocin and let my body do it’s thing. Overall I had to get very little pitocin and my body took control!

All hell breaks loose!

The contractions continued to get stronger and longer with less time in between. I am not even sure what happened, but within seconds I had 8 nurses surrounding me and doing all kinds of things. One nurse kept touching my tummy and saying the contraction was not releasing, another was putting an oxygen mask on me, and another putting a huge SHOT into my stomach! The rest were talking and checking all my stuff, but it was a blur of what was going on. I was frozen with fear because I seriously had no idea what was happening. I’m sure they were explaining it to me, but I was just trying to breathe and keep calm. Basically my uterus had decided to not release a contraction and it was contracted for 5 minutes! This is not good for baby and causes her heart rate to drop VERY LOW. They had to give me a shot that relaxed my uterus and the oxygen also helps baby get back to normal. After all that, Demi was fine and my contractions went back to normal! It was the SCARIEST thing I have ever experienced and I’m just thankful the nurses knew what to do!

By then it was about 7:30 and they checked my progress down below. The nurse said I was completely thinned out, dilated to an 8 and about ready to have my baby! I still have no idea how they can tell, but so glad they obviously know what they are doing! They called my doctor and she drove right over. She lives right next to the hospital thankfully : ) She is 30 something weeks pregnant herself and I am still amazed at how she can deliver babies when big and pregnant.

My doctor got on her scrubs and we were ready to push. My left leg was completely dead numb which I have never experienced, and it felt really weird having people prop it up and move it for me haha. My right side was still totally normal, so thankfully I could move and control that side. The actual pushing was VERY fast and easy. I was able to push her out in 2 pushes even though Demi’s shoulder got stuck : ) As she was coming out my doctor had me watch as she pulled her out and I was SO excited. I get emotional just thinking about it because Demi was SO SO beautiful. Completely covered in goopy mess, but so incredibly tiny and perfect. As soon as I saw her I said she is TINY! Her name fit her perfectly!

As she laid on my tummy I was so thankful and happy that she was OUR daughter and Payton and Tyson’s sister. She is the perfect addition to our family and it felt so right. My heart was so happy.


They took her to measure her and clean her up while my doctor gave me a few minor stitches. This time her shoulder is what tore me, not her head! Both my other kiddos tore me with their HUGE heads lol.

Even though I thought she was SOOOO teeny, turns out she was

9 lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches long

Still our tiniest baby yet, but not tiny in comparison to most babies lol! Either way she seemed VERY small to us and we were in awe of her little body. She was SUPER bruised from the fast delivery (I felt so bad!!) but still so beautiful : )


We were able to go to our regular room pretty quickly and we were excited to have Demi all to ourselves! Demi was pooping like crazy and wanted to eat and eat. We had a perfect first night and actually got some sleep! The next morning my parents brought Payton and Tyson to visit with THEIR Demi 🙂 Both of them wanted to kiss her, hug her and hold her. Tyson kept pointing at her and looking at me like “what is that?!” Payton was ready to take over and needed HER baby haha. It is the MOST beautiful experience to see your children together and see their instant love and connection. Seeing them all together reminds me how blessed we are to have our family.


Our hospital has a photographer that comes around to take pictures, and my Mom and Nana were SO generous and paid for us to get the pictures done : ) Babies change so much in just a few days and I know we will treasure these first pictures forever : )


Our pediatrican and OBGYN came to check us out and thankfully gave us the ok to leave at the 24 hour mark. Normally patients are supposed to stay an additional night, BUT my doctors know us, and knew we were ready to leave!

We checked out at 9pm and were on our way home to start life as a family of 5 : )

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  1. Mary Spangenberg wrote:

    Awhhhhh, sorry you had a scare but glad all is okay, She is a gem! Happy Birthday Demi!

    Posted 5.13.13 Reply
  2. Kambria wrote:

    Aw I love this! It is so fun reading the story out and seeing the photos. Tyson & Payton’s pictures holding and kissing her are so precious! Love your gorgeous family <3

    Posted 5.14.13 Reply
  3. Sandi wrote:

    I loved reading this! It brought me to tears looking at the pictures of Demi coming into the world and your beautiful, happy family ♥

    Posted 5.14.13 Reply