Do you want a hug?

It’s really such a simple question, but sometimes I forget.

Being a mama can be really hard and sometimes I get frustrated.

Sometimes I get so mad I raise my voice.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference. I feel bad and you feel bad. I see the tears, but I’m still mad.

I send you to your thinking spot and go back to what I’m doing.

But still you cry. I remind you again why you need to think about it and walk away.

A minute later I ask if you’re ready to make good choices, but it’s a loud “NO!” with more tears.

So today I asked a simple question, “Do you need a hug?”

Immediately you run over and jump into my arms. Your breathing slows and the crying stops. You hold on tight while I rub your back and carry you around the kitchen.

When I put you down, you go back to playing and are following the rules you just broke.

Sometimes we all just need a hug.

Because just like being a mama is hard, being a kid can be really hard too.


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  1. Abbee wrote:

    aww, great reminder!

    Posted 5.20.17 Reply
  2. Becky Dykstra wrote:

    Hugs always help! Love the blog Jayme!!

    Posted 5.21.17 Reply