First Trimester Must Haves

Yay, my first trimester is almost done! I consider it to be done at 14 weeks, but some people say 12 weeks. Either way I’m praying my nausea goes away in the next few weeks. These are the things I have used in all my pregnancies, so I know they are needed.


1. Bed: Ok duh. But seriously sleep as much as you can. In my non pregnant life I sleep VERY little, but when I’m pregnant I try and get as much sleep as possible. If you have kids this can be very tricky, but figure it out. Baby needs sleep, you need sleep!

2. Pantyliners: TMI to some, but trust me, you’ll want some pantyliners. Many (probably not all) woman have a lot more discharge when pregnant!

3. Water: Drink ALL the water! When you’re pregnant you want to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I say drink more. I usually carry around a water bottle, but prefer drinking from a straw. I may or may not go to Sonic everyday and get a HUGE icewater : )

4. Pre-natals/vitamins: This may be different for everyone, but you need to be taking something. Your doctor will let you know exactly what you need, so take it! *Vitamins pictured are not the prenatals I take, but I’ve heard good things about them!

5. Peppermints: Oh the nausea, sweet lord. I swear each pregnancy it gets worse for me. I need to eat constantly (no different than when I’m not pregnant haha) BUT then I feel so much worse a few minutes later. However, if I don’t eat I also feel awful. ANYWAY, peppermints are a small relief. Some people swear by them, I say they work sometimes.

6. Body pillows: I start using body pillows pretty soon into my pregnancy. You can sleep on your belly/back for a while, but it’s easier for me to just go straight to my side. I like to hug a body pillow and put it between my knees. Your hips will hurt at some point and the pillow really helps. Near the end of my pregnancy I like to sleep sitting up.

7. Food: Eat ALL the food! Not really, but really. I try and eat as healthy as I can, but you know I love my Taco Bell. I say as long as you are getting all the nutrients you need, enjoy your treats. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new diet.

8. Pregnancy app/countdown app: I live for countdowns. No, but really I LIVE for them. Some months in pregnancy fly by, others take years. My countdowns help me pass the time. Countdown to a fun event, countdown to my next appt or ultrasound, countdown to buying a certain baby item. It’s also nice to have a pregnancy app that you can look up whats happening to your body each week. Even though this is not my first pregnancy, I still have fun looking.

9. Lotion: Belly lotion! Body lotion! Honestly stretch marks are genetic, but it doesn’t  hurt to slather up. You also can get super itchy skin when your belly starts to stretch so the lotion definitely helps. I’m all about my Kiehls and Coconut Body Butter.

10. Exercise: Move it mama! I’m the first to say I am not AS active when I’m pregnant, but I’m also extremely active in my everyday life. I have 4 young kids and a very busy schedule so I’m always on the move, which is helpful when pregnant. I have done Crossfit the last 8 months, but am not continuing the workouts when pregnant. Many people do and I say go you. Not for me. I plan on walking and lunging/squatting at home instead!

I didn’t mention it, BUT an amazing hubby and kids are nice to have too! Pregnancy is very different when you have lots of little ones at home. There is no breaks or naptime. However, my hubby and my kids are so amazing and awesome. My hubby lets me sleep and sit on the couch when my tummy is hurting and my kids are just sweet about everything. I also didn’t mention an OBGYN, but please have a good one! We are so blessed that all of our kiddos have been delivered by the same doctor and are SO excited she will deliver our last one.

Anything I forgot? Let me know if there is something you had to have in your first trimester!


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