Happy Birthday little man…

Dear Tyson,

Today you are 3 years old! Where did the time go? I can’t believe 3 years ago we met you for the first time. It has been an adventure for sure and we’ve loved every second. This year you have grown so much and surprise us daily with all the new things you can do.

I know you won’t remember everything about this last year so here are some updates to remind you how special you are : )

you are the family alarm clock

Every morning you are the first one up and run into mommy and daddy’s room with your huge cheesy grin. You like to get super close to our face and murmur your version of good morning, and I won’t lie, most mornings we pull you into bed to snuggle for another hour : )

you are obsessed with cars

Seriously obsessed. I can’t think of a single moment you aren’t carrying some assortment of cars. You keep a bunch in a Disney Cars lunchbox and carry it everywhere. You like to make them crash and zoom across the floors like they are racing. You are getting much better at sharing, but your favorite cars are still off limits to your sisters.

you are huge

We always knew you were a big boy, but you are already wearing the big boy sizes and I love it. There are so many more clothing options : ) You are past the naked phase (except after your bath when you love streaking through the hall) and want to get dressed first thing in the morning. Your favorite outfit is a pair of jeans, t shirt, and a zip up hoody. You wear an 11 or 12 in shoes and want to wear them at all times : )

you are a hungry kid

You wake up ready to eat and immediately hit up the pantry when we get downstairs. You pull out the peanut butter, open the fridge and say eggs then grab the sausage from the freezer. Your favorite breakfast is eggs, waffles and sausage which we eat 4-5 mornings a week. Oatmeal isn’t an option and you’ve never even had cereal, so I have a feeling this will be our routine for life : ) We are still working on getting you to love all your veggies, but you’ll drink anything in a green smoothie. Goldfish crackers are your kryptonite and you could eat french fries or spaghetti for every meal. There is no way I will ever forget how completely obsessed you are with chocolate milk(thanks dad)! You ask for “choco” all day and are never happy when I say no 🙂

you love being outside

Every morning, no matter how hot or cold, you are ready to go in the backyard. You can open all of the doors by yourself and have figured out any lock we use. Thankfully you are a good and patient listener (most of the time) and will wait until everyone is ready to go. You love climbing everything, pushing the big car around and throwing all of the rocks. You hate sharing whatever you’re playing with, and have no interest in the sprinkler. You love the little pool and water table and will get soaked no matter how little water we put in them.

you are artistic

Daddy loves getting out paint, markers, crayons etc and you absolutely love it. You no longer eat crayons and actually color with them! Paint is 50/50 and generally you are covered head to toe with some pretty crazy designs. Music is so important to you and you dance like no one else. You shake your hips and bop your head whenever a song comes on. Seeing you dance in your car seat is too adorable and we always encourage you to work it : )

you are smart

You have really started enjoying puzzles, counters, colors and shape blocks. For the longest time you had no interest in playing with any of these, but as your speech has grown you are able to communicate and play with us. You love animal puzzles and are so excited to correct Demi on the pieces she puts in wrong. You tell her no and guide her little hand to the correct spot. It’s pretty much my favorite thing you’ve been doing lately. Daddy and you like to sort the little blocks into colors and it’s beautiful hearing you attempt the color words. You can say purple and orange the most clearly and are still figuring out which color word matches the actual color. Even though you can’t actually say your letters and numbers you will sing/count right along with your own words. It’s pretty adorable : )

you are finding your voice

This year we found out you have Childhood Apraxia of Speech. It was a relief to find out what you needed to work on, but hit us pretty hard all the same. You are the most determined little man and get up super early each morning to visit your SLP Anna-Alyse. You are in love with her and have started to hit your stride. You can still get an attitude when you just want to play, but she leads you back to the exercises and you knock out your sounds. You went from saying nothing at all to so many different sounds and words. Hearing your voice makes everyone melt and I tear up multiple times a day from the pride I feel. I think the cutest new word has to be “AMEN”. You always initiate our meal prayer and are so excited to hold hands and shout amen when we are done.

you are the best brother

This year we had your final sibling, another girl! You now have 3 sisters, yes 3! All of them are so in love with you, and there is always someone following you around or hugging you. Payton is your best friend and the two of you are constantly riding your scooters all around the house together. You fight over who gets a certain toy, but for the most part you are so happy to be together. Demi loves everything you do and copies you whenever she can. You take such good care of her and are always on the lookout for her milk or getting her a snack. You don’t like that she steals your toys and have learned to find something to trade her for the toy you want : ) You’ve been in love with Kameron from day one and make her smile like no one else. You like to rub her head, sing her lullabies, give her a pacifier and feed her the bottle. I can already guarantee you will be a very protective brother and friend.

you are our baby

You may be second oldest, but you are our baby in so many ways. All day everyday you are hugging us, asking to be picked up (you are SO heavy) or laying against us. Daddy is your biggest fan and the bond you two share is unbelievable. You have him wrapped around your little finger and he will drop anything to be with you. I can’t get enough of you and you love to have me near you wherever we are. We are so proud of the little boy you’ve become and I thank god everyday I get to be your mommy.

This year has been beautiful and we’ve loved every second of watching you grow. There are so many amazing things about you, but these are just a few. I wish we could stop time and live in these moments forever, but I’m also so excited to watch your grow.

Thank you for loving us everyday and letting us love on you. I hope I get to kiss your little face forever and that you’ll always pull me in for a hug everyday and all day.

We love you little big man!


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  1. Aunt Terri wrote:

    I love how much you don’t take these times for granted because they truly are precious and too few of time when then their gone to fly on their own <3

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      aw thanks Aunt Terri! I try and appreciate every moment, no matter how crazy they may get lol : ) You never truly realize how time flies until you have kiddos!

      Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  2. Sandi wrote:

    I love this! Your kids are truly going to treasure these posts when their grown up and can look back and read all about the things they did and said throughout the years! I wish I would have written done all the cute memorable things that you guys did because as you get older you forget all the details!

    Posted 12.29.14 Reply

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