Let’s Make a Baby!

Hi readers! My husband and I have been “babymaking” quite a bit the last few years haha and have been blessed with three beautiful kids. I thought I would share some of our tips and ideas for all those couples who are ready to get down to business : )

When we first tried I found a plan called the Sperm Meets Egg Plan on this WEBSITE that really jumpstarted our babymaking. Don’t be alarmed that it is on a pregnancy loss site, because it is a plan for everyone. I should say that our plan and the sperm meets egg plan is definitely for a couple that wants to SERIOUSLY try and get pregnant. This may not be the case for those that just want to get pregnant when it happens, because it does take some work. I like it because it’s not quite as advanced as having to take your temp everyday, but you could totally add that in if you feel like it.

Ok, let’s get started! First, here is all of the products we like to use when we are trying to make our babies : ) I will explain how and why to use them in the description below.



Pre-Seed: A special lubricant that supposedly helps sperm stay inside. Apply lubricant to both before sex every time. They give you a tool to insert it, but we just rub it on haha. I gave the link to buy at amazon, but I know they sell at CVS for $20.

Grapefruit Juice: This is supposed to help increase cervical mucous. Even if you don’t NEED it, might as well drink it right? It may be a myth, but at least you’re increasing your fluid intake : )

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Kit: These are awesome because they give you a smiley face to let you know you are about to ovulate. Basically it detects a rise in your ovulation hormone LH 24-36 hours before you ovulate. It detects the 2 BEST days to conceive your baby so make sure you have sex after you get your positive. I also keep track of my cervical mucous throughout the month by simply looking at my pantyliner. I always wear a panyliner when trying to get pregnant because it makes it easier to see what you’re working with haha. It is stretchy and snotlike when you are fertile. This sounds gross, BUT it ‘s what makes that baby! (You can buy these most everywhere, but we always head to Target!)

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy tests: We like these because it is a definite yes or no answer. I am crazy and start using them about Day 7 AFTER your fertile period. This would be super early and usually you won’t get a positive until Day 12 post ovulation. We didn’t get a positive until Day 16 post ovulation with Tyson so don’t worry too much when you get a negative. (You can buy these most everywhere too, but we always head to Target!)

Pillow: Haha this is such a crazy thing, but why not? After sex I try and put a pillow under my butt for 15 minutes after each babymaking experience. Does it work? Who knows? Anything to help is good with me. Just place under your butt so that your hips are lifted and nothing “leaks” out of you. This sounds so graphic, but oh well.

Pre-Natal Vitamins: I didn’t mention in the schedule, but you should be taking pre-natals as soon as you decide you want to get pregnant! We just use the Target brand and they work great. With Payton I got sick with every brand we tried, and had to go with Flinstone vitamins haha. Whatever works! Your doctor will let you know of different brands you can try after you’re pregnant and if you need to take anything else, such as fish oil or iron pills.

Water: We should always drink a lot of water to be healthy, but it is especially important to keep hydrated while getting pregnant and while pregnant. You want to make sure you are able to produce cervical mucous, so fluid intake is important. I fill my Nalgene water bottle up twice a day to make sure I get enough : )


Isn’t it insane that you are SO amazing that YOU can create a baby? I totally get how emotionally draining it can be, but try and be patient. I’ve found out that pregnancy can only be SO planned. Your baby will be everything and way MORE than you can imagine. I am going to explain the plan in days because it is easier to understand.


1. Drink grapefruit juice everyday!
2. Use the preseed every time you have sex.
3. Place a pillow under your butt after you have sex for as long as you can : )


Obviously this is when you’re on your period. Everyone has different lengths, but just plan on Day 1 as the day AFTER your bleeding ends.


Have sex!


You can skip a day or have sex.


Start your ovulation test! Have sex!

DAY 4-15 (OR MORE)

Continue having sex at least every other day or everyday if you would like. Also continue ovulation kits until you get a positive. I take the ovulation test once at 10 am and also at 5 pm. This is not necessary, but I want the BEST possible reading. When you get the positive you MUST have sex that day and at least the next three days. We have sex everyday after, but I would say 5 days after a positive is sufficient. It is also suggested you hold off on drinking water for a few hours before you test so that you get a good reading!


This is when days are hard to number. Basically as soon as you get your POSITIVE OVULATION TEST you RESTART NUMBERING DAYS . So the day after the positive ovulation test is Day 1. These days are called the dreaded two week wait or TWW. This is when you are testing and waiting for a positive pregnancy test. You will be on pins and needles, but try not to stress (so hard!) because this is supposed to be fun. Just take the tests when you feel comfortable. I start my pregnancy tests Day 7 post positive ovulation test, but I’m crazy lol.

The earliest I have heard of a positive test after a positive ovulation test is Day 6, but they probably ovulated early. A positive test most likely won’t come until after Day 12. We like to use the Clearblue tests because they say yes or no. Then we don’t have to figure out what the lines are saying : )

Majority of people say wait a day in between having sex, but we have found that everyday is what works for us. We also use a few products as mentioned above to help out. I’m not sure if it truly is why we get pregnant, but we have used it every time and it’s worked.

Whew…a lot of info! Please let me know if you have any questions or more ideas : )


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  1. Becky wrote:

    I most definitely credit you for us getting pregnant after trying for almost a year…Lacey was FINALLY conceived after I took your advice and tried the plan!! 🙂 Yay!!!! For those of you trying…it works! Thanks, Jayme

    Posted 9.12.13 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      yaya! Lacey is so cute : ) Can’t wait to see your next little baby one day!!

      Posted 9.13.13 Reply
  2. Charissa Frerichs wrote:

    Great blog post! This totally pertains to my husband and I right now. We have been trying since June. Everyone says, the moment you STOP trying, you’ll get pregnant. I’m glad you agree with me Jayme! Follow your ovulation cycle, cervical mucus, & use ovulation tests when it’s time… it will happen 🙂 We’re having fun with it so far, another 6 months and it may get frustrating. I’ve never heard about grapefruit juice… I’m gonna go look that up!

    Posted 9.12.13 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      Thanks girl! I agree another 6 months probably would be super frustrating. I’ll pray that you get pregnant with the perfect lil bean soon!

      Posted 9.13.13 Reply
  3. Jennifer wrote:

    So does that mean that you guys are working on your next baby? (:

    Posted 9.16.13 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      haha not yet!! We won’t be doing that until next year : )

      Posted 9.16.13 Reply
  4. Megan Mallough wrote:

    I remembered reading this when you posted this and obviously you know how to make cute babies 🙂 I’m taking all of your tips here and crossing my fingers it happens quick!!

    Posted 5.28.14 Reply
    • jaymepierce wrote:

      aw yaya! I will think happy baby thoughts for you too!

      Posted 5.28.14 Reply

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