November Goals: 2016

I’m a list maker. Like I make multiple daily lists to get random things done. There is something VERY rewarding about crossing things off of a list.

This is going to be my November list, hopefully it holds me somewhat accountable : )

decorate for christmas

Generally we put our tree up the day after Halloween. Bah humbug to anyone who gets upset about this. To my family, Christmas decor = Thanksgiving decor, so get over it. I love Christmas and can’t wait to fill the house with everything. I wish my house just magically looked like a Pottery Barn ad. A girl can dream : )

buy baby books and use them

Oh my, naughty me. With the kids I started digital scrapbooks and was pretty good about it, for about a month. I realized I had no time to go that route and then did nothing. I desperately need to finish all 4 books before Cali gets here and I have to start a 5th. I plan on buying these Memory Books from Lucy Darling because they are adorable and easy. Let’s be honest, the kids will look at them a few times and that’s it.

transfer pictures

Oh my goodness, my macbook literally has tens of thousands of pictures I need to transfer to my desktop. I want them all in one spot instead of having to go between the two computers. I plan on getting them all in one place this month, and then I’ll sort the next few months.

do my hair

Sad goal, but it’s a real one. I hate drying/curling my hair and wear my hair in a ponytail/bun as much as possible. I plan on starting slow and doing it twice a week. I can increase days if I choose to : )

Get 3 items on baby list

I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy this month and need to get the ball rolling on some baby items. We have quite a few bigger ticket items to get so I need to start spacing those purchases out. Not sure what we’ll get yet, but I’ll figure that out. Half the battle will be convincing Billy we need it now : )

leg/arm workouts

I’m definitely way more lenient on my workouts when pregnant, but want to at least try to be a bit more consistent. Luckily (unluckily?) I am busy all day everyday so I’m always up and moving, BUT I should do something. May or may not join a new gym. We’ll see…

christmas cards

This goal MUST be accomplished this month. Still not entirely sure if we’ll use latest family pics for our card, or a different set up. I need to choose or create a card and also order them before the month is through. I always use MPix for printing because the quality is amazing, especially for the price. If I was smart I would have done them in October when they were 50% off, but I’m not smart. I’m pretty sure they’ll have one more 50% off sale in the next month so hopefully that works out!

Anyone else have any goals they want to get done this month? We can do it!


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