Preschool Freebie! Zoo Count the Room Activity

Hi! Before staying home with my babies, I was a kindergarten teacher. I loved working with my kiddos and creating fun activities that would reinforce their academic skills. Write the room/Count the room is a fun activity where your child will look for pictures around the room to complete a worksheet.

Link for download at the end of post!

Something important to remember is that all kids are DIFFERENT, so of course they all learn differently. For that reason I always include differentiated activities. This just means I offer different options for your kiddo to complete the task. They are working on the same skill, but in a different way : ) There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced worksheet for you to choose. You may find that each time you use a different level. As long as your kiddo is learning and having fun, it doesn’t matter. For this little unit I actually included two beginner sheets. I will explain how to use along the way.

I am going to explain the task in steps so you can easily and quickly get yours started.

1. Print out the pages! I suggest printing them all because you never know what level you’ll use. Only the first and last two pages are color and it is up to you whether you print them in color.

2. Cut out the picture cards. These are the cards you will hang up around your house. A tip is to print them on cardstock so they are sturdier. I also laminate mine because I will save them for my other kids.

3. Hang up the cards! I choose to hang in one room of my house for now. Once my daughter is used to this activity I will hang them throughout the house. It will take her longer to find and she will love searching for them.

4. Decide which worksheet your child is ready for. If you have no idea, start with the beginner sheet. The only reason it’s “beginner” is because it works with numbers 1-5, instead of 1-10. It is still challenging for the preschool age. If your kiddo is clueless at first, do not be alarmed, they should be! This is new. They just need repeated practice and will be independent in no time.

Beginner 1 Sheet
Only hang up cards 1-5. Your child will use the sheet to know which animal to look for. Eventually they might just fill out sheet according to what card they find, but it’s good to give them an easy plan to start. Look for the first animal. When you find the card have your child count how many animals are on the card. So in this set the first animal is the lion. There are two on the card. Now they just need to color in two squares to represent two lions.

Beginner 2 Sheet
This is the same as sheet one, but instead of coloring in the squares, kids must cut and paste the correct number of animals. I have included a sheet with enough animals to do this. I really consider this a beginner/intermediate sheet because cutting and glueing is such a tricky skills for most preschool kids.

Intermediate Sheet
For this you will hang up all 10 animal cards. Same as the first worksheet. Find the card and color in the correct amount of squares.

Advanced Sheet
This may seem super easy, BUT recognizing and being able to correctly write the numerals is hard! Kids find the cards like before and then write the number of animals found. An easy way to help your kids figure out which number to write, you can hang up number signs that show both the number AND picture of how many. Then if they forget how to write a number then can refer to the signs. I might also have your child do the intermediate sheet as well. Coloring in the correct amount of boxes is a different skill and just as important!

5. Time to count the room! You will need to do this with your child. Eventually they will be able to do it alone, but not for awhile. Attaching the worksheet to a clipboard is helpful so that your child can roam freely.

Some tips to help you and your child:

– Kids love to use magnifying glasses or wear silly glasses when they are looking for the cards!

– You need to talk your child through each step in the beginning. It is a very tough concept to understand that each box represents one number or one animal.

– Remind them to recount to check themselves. Good mathematicians always ALWAYS recount : )

– Let your child lead the way, and then help them when they forget.

– If your child is able to recognize the numeral, but is having trouble with forming the numbers, feel free to let them trace yours.

– Don’t get frustrated! Learning the routine of a skill can take multiple multiple times. Make it fun : )

– Finishing the worksheet is not the end all. This is hard, I repeat this is hard for most kids! You may find it takes a few times to finish one worksheet.

– Ask higher level questions. These are the ones not on the sheet. “Which animal card has the most? The least? Are any equal number of animals? What is your favorite and why? How did you know to color in 4 squares?” etc.

ok I wrote a novel haha. I hope you can use this in your own home or preschool classroom. If I see that people are enjoying the work, I will definitely continue to offer a freebie each week with more activities!




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